Squeaky Clean Man Of Integrity

I'll never understand why President Obama let him get away with this stuff. Everyone but teabaggers knows The Rominee is a continual liar, so there's no excuse for not expecting it. The only thing I can think of is that Obama was unprepared for such a torrent of lies, and that they'd be so breathtakingly blatant. Maybe he realized Romney would only lie more in response, which is no doubt true. And maybe he thought such brazen falsehoods would be rejected by voters and that they'd speak for themselves. In that, he surely misjudged the gullibility and carelessness of so many voters. Didn't appreciate the extent to which their desire for facts, and ability to tell them from fiction, has been carefully removed by RWS™ and Fox "news" for years.

If the election turns on this kind of lying, and on the false creation of Barack Obama as America-hating Nazi Communist Socialist Muslim Kenyan Manchurian terrorist-appeaser, instead of on the choice between two very different economic and political approaches to our future (granted, Romney has obscured his most deliberately and effectively, to the point that who the hell knows), it'll mean that the approaching fiscal cliff is irrelevant; because we'd have long since abandoned any measure of caring at all. Deep, deep sigh.

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