But You Can't Be Alive: I Killed You!!

So jobs and employment numbers came out and were a little better than expected. Naturally, RWS™ and teabaggRs have an explanation: it's a conspiracy. The Kenyan Muslim Nazi Socialist America-hater cooked the books.

Because, hey: we've done everything we could think of to sabotage the recovery exactly to prevent these sorts of numbers before the election. So it's impossible. As coordinated and relentless and unanimous as our efforts were, there's no way we could have failed. "How can you still be alive," he blurted, astonished. "I wired a bomb to the starter of your car."

To which I say: think how much better we'd be doing as a country if the R party had pitched in for the, you know, good of the country they, you know, say they love. To the extent that the economy is recovering -- and it is, if too slowly -- it's entirely in spite of the Republican party's efforts to kill it. They get no credit, and deserve none. And, to the extent that they've made it explicitly clear that they had no intention of helping Obama in any way -- and didn't!! -- don't they deserve all of the blame for how slow it's been?

Horrible people. I'll say it again.

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