I wonder who on his staff came up with the idea that The Rominee laid on us in the final debate, the one in which he solves world peace by having the International Court (not sure which one, because his handlers changed the plan within an hour) simply arrest Ahmadinejad after charging him with inciting genocide (or something else, as later clarified.) Talk about empty air.

Among the many problems with it is that, according to them as seem to know stuff, Mahmoud isn't really guy with the power in Iran. It's the managing mullahs. Not only that: how does he see the arrest playing out? Never mind the fact that, as I understand it, for the World Court to act the Security Council would have to okay it, which ain't gonna happen. Ignore the massive flip-flop in turning US policy over to the UN or any other world body. (Where are the RWS™ on that one?? Can you imaging Sean Hannity's response if Obama had suggested it? Hypocrisy much?) Just tell us, Mr Romney, how the bust is gonna take place. Knock on his door? "Open up!! Police!!! We have a warrant!!!!!" Maybe get him while he's catching a movie, having a brew with his buddies. Do cops sneak across the border, or do the Iranians let them in? Yessir, Mr Arrestor. Paperwork seems in order. Right this way...

Who's dumber? The guy who suggested the idea to Mitt, or Mitt for putting it out there? Or the American voter who, in Mitt's view, would nod and say, yep, that feller got him a damn good idee.

[Okay, he only said "indict," not "arrest." But what's the point of an indictment if you can't bring the indictee to court?]

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