Card-Carrying Columnist

Here's an interesting development: I've been asked to write a weekly column in our local newspaper, and it'll start tomorrow. It was my conservative coffee-buddy, also a writer for them, who proffered my name. I'm unsure if the invitation came in spite of or due to reading this blog; or, maybe, from not reading it at all (I've sent some letters over the years, and have written a couple of special columns). Compared to this here thing, my readership will quazillionuple.

My plan is to keep talking about the things I talk about here (along with some lighter stuff); but, because I might actually know some of the people reading it -- might have, you know, saved their lives at one time or another, or fixed their hernias, snatched out their gallbladders, stood on the sidelines watching their kids play soccer with mine -- I plan to be a little less, uh, colorful. Second-guesser of myself that I am, I'm already having second thoughts: who am I, really, to have an actual platform (as opposed to a self-chosen blog) from which to expound?

We'll see how it goes, whether I can stand the heat. As long as it lasts, I'll be searching for that elusive reader, the one to whom the force of my reasonableness and indisputable rightness is irresistible, causing the changing of a Foxified mind, turning toward the light.

[Update: seems the first one is put off till Saturday...]

[Upperdate: seems it's now Sunday... Getting embarrassing.]

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