Rape Babies

These are the guys itching for full control over our government: the men who say rape babies are gifts from god, that it's all part of god's plan.

Much as he tried, you can't walk that back. If the pregnancy is god's plan, then so is the rape. Because god doesn't say, oops, sorry, wasn't paying attention. If all life is precious, right from the zygote stage, then why is it that god is, by FAR, the most prolific abortionist of all? You can't reconcile that sort of absolutist belief in any way other than that rape is part of god's plan. So, do you think he likes to watch? He didn't stop it; in fact, he made it happen. People who believe in the kind of god that allows rape and babies that come from it need to answer a few questions.

Mitt Romney, true to form, because he has no backbone and an absent core, refuses to withdraw support from the idiot; on the other hand, teabaggRs are rushing to defend the guy. (Credit John McCain for regaining a modicum of self-respect and not joining in.)* And so it is, and always will be. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote to empower the most extremist among us, those that seek to make biblical law the law of the land, in no way different from those they (insanely) claim plan a Sharia takeover. And whereas the latter is impossible by any calculation, the former is already underway.

Elected to national office, in increasing numbers (while claiming Christianity is under attack.) Because Mitt Romney has no standards, and won't stand up to anyone who might vote for him, if he's elected this is our future. If it didn't signal the end of our democracy, I suppose it could be considered fascinating on some level.

[Added: well, well. That lasted all of, what, twelve hours?]

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