Speaketh The Market

Here's a tidbit that puts the lie to the lie that Obamacare is a socialist government takeover of healthcare. After the first debate, when investors thought maybe Romney might win and end the Affordable Care Act, they dumped hospital and health insurance stocks like Romney dumps his political positions. Because if The Rominee wins, insurers won't get all that new business, and hospitals will go back to eating huge losses caring for the uninsured.

Funny, isn't it? Since the debate, as it's seeming more likely that that capitalism-hating America-destroyer might not continue in the Oval Office, the stock market has been dropping like an honest person's jaw whenever Mitt Romney speaks.

Wall street may claim hurt feelings over President Obama's occasional suggestion that the wealthy can afford to pay a little more, but they've done very well, indeed, during his administration. Money talks; and Neil Diamond's insistence notwithstanding, at the prospect of a Romney presidency it seems it also walks.

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