Coasting Home

Lost in his didn't-really-happen 47% speech is Romney's assertion that with a little luck the economy will fix itself without him having to do a thing. Which fits nicely with his promise to produce twelve million jobs in his first term: it just happens to be the number of jobs economists are saying the economy is on track to produce already. You know, because of the recovery occurring under Obama's guidance.

Of all the things that depress me about the increasingly-likely Romney win is that he'll take -- and be given -- credit for the momentum already in place. I guess, as a patriot, I should be glad for the recovery no matter what; but it's galling to think that what's on track won't reach the station till next term.

Did it really change so dramatically after one debate? Or is it that the relentless and effective disinformation campaign is finally catching up to and passing reality? Naturally, if/when Romney wins, such comments as mine will be seen as sour grapes, or excuse-making. But until I see evidence that votes have swung on the basis of the real actions or inactions of Barack Obama, and the real (what are they, again?) positions of Mitt Romney (can anyone still believe in trickle down economics?), I'll cling to my belief that too many people prefer lies to truth, the easy and false answers to the hard and true ones.

And if it really is about Obama's lousy debate performance, and the fact that the obvious lies were left standing ("doubled the deficit." Really???) then he has no one to blame but himself. I guess.

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