Get OUT, The Vote!

Among the reasons I'm not convinced that Obama will win the election (skewed polls not being among them) is this: unlike ACORN, which never committed voter fraud, and which when it discovered some phony registrations (there's a difference), turned itself in, a Republican organization had to be caught redhanded to have their fraud revealed. It's the same organization that was found to be destroying legitimate Democratic registration forms in the past. And that little tidbit was known at the time the RNC urged states across our nation to hire the outfit, known as Strategic Allied Consulting. Strategic, all right.

Cate, the spokesman for the state elections division, said possibly fraudulent forms have also been reported in Miami-Dade and Duval, two of the state’s most populous counties.

The number of suspicious voter registration applications was unusual, Davis said. “There might be an occasional one, but I don’t think we’ve ever had this number of counties that have had this number of cases all at the same time,” she said.
See, the difference between this and ACORN is that the former had already been found to be fraudulent, and was still hired, directly, by the RNC, who then tried to hide it. Still is. When they're that shameless, what else might be going on? We already know. Which is the other reason I worry.

Republicans across the country have dedicated themselves to suppressing Democratic voters. Sometimes it's by direct subterfuge (sending mailers announcing the wrong dates for voting, e.g.); but mainly, this time around, it's by passing laws specifically and admittedly designed to prevent legitimate Obama supporters from voting. And, unlike the New Black Panthers, who had a handful of people standing outside a polling place, one time, one place, doing nothing, teabaggers are organizing tens of thousands directly to approach, misinform, and intimidate voters in D districts all over the country. Like they just did in Massachusetts. If there's ever been a similar coordinated efforts by Democrats, I've never heard of it. I'd be happy to be informed.

There's no measuring the effect at this point, but in a close election all this stuff could be dispositive. How disgustingly revelatory: aware that their message is deceptive and hurtful to all but the very wealthy, Rs are resorting to voter suppression and brazen fraud (of which they love to accuse Ds and use to justify their egregious laws) all over the country. Knowingly. As is typical of their approach to all things political, they blame Ds, inaccurately, for what it is they are doing, actively. You'd think, wouldn't you, that if they actually believed in their message, Rs would have confidence they could convince others in the public square; to win on the merits of their arguments. Not so, plainly.

More to the point, it reveals in what low regard they hold the Constitution of The United States of America and the very idea of democracy. The America they love -- or say they do -- is one in which they get their way, by whatever means necessary, all the time. One in which they'll never have to see, deal with, or even acknowledge people who don't look and think exactly as they.

How many more times, in what other ways can it be said: these are horrible people. The prospect of them controlling our government ought to strike fear and revulsion in anyone who actually does love this country and believes in democracy.

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