Vile And Disgusting

This makes me want to puke.

...The repugnant and absurd theories about the massacre of children in Newtown, Connecticut, last month seem like an obvious candidate for the first category, simply too insane to gain any sort of wide acceptance. But some of the factors that can bring theories in from the fringe appear to be driving its unexpected surge this month: a connection to America's intensely polarized political culture in general, and a message that appeals to a long-standing fear among gun owners, in particular.
The leading version of the "Sandy Hook Hoax" theory, such as it is, holds that the incident was staged by the White House as a prelude to disarming America...
There'll always be lunatics and conspiracists. And I have to admit I have no idea how many people they really represent nowadays. But it seems to have become rampant among the right-wing instinctive haters of Barack Obama; the same types who're convinced he's about to round up their guns and make them pray to Allah. And, of course, there's no more fertile soil, of late, than teabaggers.

There's a lot of them, for sure; some have even been elected to public office. National office! This vileness, this brain-eating force took over a former friend of mine a couple years back, and whereas I've long since stopped mourning for or caring about him, I'll always fear for a country in which this sort of thinking carries any sort of weight at all. And, perhaps more importantly, for a country that considers the worst propaganda machine since the heyday of the Soviet Union a credible news source. Given its reach and insanity, it might well be the biggest contributor of all to the rise in the phenomenon.

I wish I understood it. At minimum it speaks to the profound fallibility of the human brain. No wonder god hasn't showed up in a couple thousand years. I'd be embarrassed, too, it humans were the best I could do.

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