About whom do these people care? Congressional teabaggRs refuse to renew the Violence Against Women Act; until shamed by one of their leading lights, they refused financial assistance to Sandy victims; they nixed aid to veterans. We already know well, of course, what they think of women's health issues and safety nets.

Their outrage is saved for those making more than $400k being asked to pay (a little) more in taxes. Poor Ari: he's so upset he'll be giving less to charity. They're happy to okay a 633 billion dollar defense bill, though (and our president was happy to sign it. As he was a bill allowing indefinite detentions).

So the answer to the question is pretty clear: Big businesses, military, and the very wealthy. End of caring. Now, in fairness, I suppose it's explained, at least in part (and if you ignore the biblical fanaticism behind much of it) based on their unshakeable belief that the way you stimulate the economy is to unchain businesses and to hand lots of money to the already wealthy.

Other than the fact that there's now overwhelming evidence that it doesn't work, it makes a lot of sense. There is more wealth inequality than there's ever been; the wealthy are rolling in dough, and yet unemployment has hardly budged. Sequestering money, disproportionately, at the top, is exactly what's been happening since the days of Ronald Reagan, and has become maximally top-heavy since GW Bush's tax cuts. And yet, here we are: living disproof of teabaggRs' most cherished belief. It's undeniable. Except to them.

Given the glaring evidence, you'd think there'd be reason to hope that at some point people will wise up. But since when has evidence been in play in the minds of those who elect teabaggRs? And, given the gerrymandering of their districts, on what basis could one believe it'll ever change? Not to mention the continued and deliberate endumbification aimed at their voters, 24/7. (The reaction to my newspaper column on Fox "news" is corroborative. To say the least.) It's no less than brainwashing; the only difference being the willing complicity of teabaggers in their own stupidfaction.

The 112th Congress may have been the worst ever, and in an unFoxified world, it'd be an embarrassment to us all. For a trip and fall down memory lane, read this. Or this, which might be an even better recitation. If it can't get any worse, there's no reason to believe it'll get better. Not as long as the RW scream machine holds sway over so many gullible people, nor as long as they continue to elect teabaggers to Congress.

Nope. Ain't gonna happen. It's not a matter of "if." It's just a question of how fast, and "when." We're screwed.

[Image source. My niece added the blood, per request.]
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