Dubai-based Designer's Multichromatic Golf Shoe Inspired by Snoop Dogg

When it comes to golf shoes, the custom made wingtip is something of a relic.

As street style shoes have flooded the fairways of North America and rapidly made their way around the world, many recreational golfers seem to be opting for casual, comfortable sneaker-like footwear.

The majority of tour players though still wear more traditional golf shoes... as do many of the well-heeled members of exclusive private clubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  This is precisely the market Dubai-based Dutchman, Stephen Alexander, will be targeting with the line he'll be releasing in early February at the 2013 Dubai Desert Classic.

Crafted in Italy by iconic shoemaker Raimondi, the bespoke footwear hits a classic note, with perforations and contrasting leathers, however one unique pair of Steven Alexander golf shoes... made especially for one unique celebrity golfer... is anything but classic.

A pair of shiny red, green and yellow patent leather shoes has been made for the American singer-songwriter Snoop Dogg. The rapper's name is engraved on the heel and it seems he's delighted with the styling. So much so that he's ready to order several additional pairs. And that sounds like enough to make even Ian Poulter envious.
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