Top 10 Golf Cakes - Creative Confections That Hit the Sweet Spot

photo credit: Cake Girl by Hyeyoung Kim via photopin cc
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There was a time... not long ago... when cakes conformed to certain specific standards; a wedding cake would generally be tiered and white, while a birthday cake was expected to be layered... and laden with candles.

Thanks to several celebrity bakers and a few reality cooking shows, stunning, over-the-top cake design has become standard... no matter what the occasion.  

As for inspiration... it can come from anywhere. Or so it seems. An image search for "cakes" yields a substantial selection of truly exquisite creations... and a mind-boggling multitude of hideous/hilarious "cake mistakes"

With so much interest in the sugar arts, cake contests have become popular fundraisers, and in a couple of weeks, I'll be competing in one myself.

The Valentine's Day Cake Creation Celebration will benefit the Danbury Museum & Historical Society, an organization that's dear to my heart because of its commitment to the preservation of history... specifically the history of our centuries-old town: Danbury, CT.

The theme of this year's contest is "Bake What You Love", so I naturally thought of golf... and when I started looking around for ideas I found plenty. As in hundreds. And again, some are sublime, others are... interesting... and some left me wanting to swear off cake... and golf... for the rest of my life.  Anyway I'm still not sure how I'll decorate my cake, but I know I'm planning to win.

If you're in the Danbury area, do consider stopping by the Cake Creation Celebration to taste the cakes and vote for mine on your favorite.  Meanwhile check out my top 10 golf cakes HERE.

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