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Still busy trying to meet a looming deadline and prepare for a conference next week, so expect posting to be light for a few more days.  In the meantime here some things worth checking out elsewhere.

Over at Forbes, science writer John Farrell, longtime friend of this blog, hails the “return of teleology” evident in Terrence Deacon’s recent book Incomplete Nature.  

3:AM Magazine interviews Cambridge philosopher Tim Crane, an atheist who discusses the positive role his Catholic upbringing had on his becoming a philosopher; the need for atheists to tolerate, try to understand, and even give special privileges to religion; the difficulties with physicalism; the Aristotelian notion of substance; the work of Jerry Fodor; Burkean conservatism; Stephen Hawking, physics, and philosophy; and lots of other interesting stuff.

Speaking of Catholic upbringings, director Alfred Hitchcock returned to the Catholic faith on his deathbed, reports philosopher Fr. Mark Henninger in The Wall Street Journal.  

Speaking of Hitchcock and philosophy, Vertigo, a volume on the classic Hitchcock movie edited by Katalin Makkai for Routldge’s Philosophers on Film series, is due to be released this month.  (Vertigo recently overtookCitizen Kane as the greatest film of all time in a poll taken of people who are polled about such things.  As my longtime readers know, I tend to agree with them,)

David Oderberg’s paper “Survivalism, Corruptionism, and Mereology” appears in the Winter 2012 issue of the European Journal for Philosophy of Religion.  You can read the abstract hereand email him for a copy via his website.  

Some noteworthy books recently reviewed in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews: Tim Maudlin’s Philosophy of Physics: Space and Time; Interpreting Suárez: Critical Essays, edited by Daniel Schwartz; and Metaphysics: Aristotelian, Scholastic, Analytic, edited by Lukáš Novák, Daniel D. Novotný, Prokop Sousedík, and David Svoboda.  The last of these is the inaugural volume in Ontos Verlag’s new series Contemporary Scholasticism, of which I am one of the editors. 
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