Above is a highly entertaining video (thanks, Dougie) that debunks the fake-moon-landing conspiracies. It's worth watching to the end, which wraps it up in ways that ring true. In fact, a not-yet-published, still-in-progress Sunday column of mine ends (or probably will) thusly:

I’m not much for conspiracy theories, but since they’re such a part of what motivates people lately, consider this one: Those who have the most to gain from government ignoring the needs of its citizens, i.e., the tax-averse wealthy and those corporations which hate regulation, are peddling fear about the Second Amendment and other distractions (New Black Panthers! Hitler in the White House!!) to keep credulous people voting against themselves, afraid of that which isn’t, blind to that which is. Thus, the Tea Party, bought and taught by the Koch brothers and kept constantly befuddled by Fox “news.” And “patriot groups,” arming themselves against what they fear the most: the results of a democratic election. 
How’s that for a Doocy of a theory?
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