Five Minutes

That's all it'd take to get everything done. Mitch McConnell has announced that, after allowing a piddling 60 billion or so in annual increased tax revenue (while agreeing to a deal that raised the projected debt by four trillion bucks), he's done talking about taxes. Now, he says, it's all about cutting spending. So "balance," to him, is allowing 60 billion in increased revenue and doing the rest by, presumably, cutting spending by the remaining 900 billion of our deficit. Whadda guy.

So, fine. Let's just get this thing over with: Ds announce the amount they want in new revenue, the amount they want to cut in defense spending, and their bottom-line acceptable reductions in Medicare and Social Security. Rs do the same. Then we split the damn difference. Let 'em go back on break and not show up again until the next budget is due. (And if we don't pay them while they're gone, we'll have less of a deficit to fix.)

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