Bob Schieffer might be the current newsman with the most credibility. After this interview, whatever amount of it he has/had, there's less of it now. With me, at least. Jon Stewart asked him why the gun debate, as seen on TV, is so superficial and relies on the most loud and headline-grabbing among us. Why, he asked, is it so rare to see law enforcement officials invited to participate? Schieffer sort of acknowledged it's a problem, but tap-danced away from giving an answer. 

It's one of the best and most important questions I've seen Stewart ask. Good for him for asking it. Bad for him for not pressing Schieffer for a meaningful answer. He (Jon) suggested one; that sober discussion doesn't get the ratings. But I'd sure like to know if there's anything else going on. Are they afraid to appear? For reasons of their local politics? For fear of physical harm? Are they, as Stewart wondered, prohibited from it by their superiors? Or have networks, for some reason, just decided it's not good for their bottom line? The fact is, far as I can tell, a majority of cops think there need to be stricter laws regarding guns (handguns, too!) and better ways to enforce them. You can read about it sometimes. But you practically never hear it discussed on air, by cops. It seems the media are in some way complicit; or simply don't care.

Puzzling. And Bob Schieffer did nothing to enlighten us.

[The International Association of Chiefs of Police has weighed in on Obama's plan. Wonder it it'll be covered on air. What'll Fox "news" have to say about it? Any guesses?]

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