The Top 10 Luxury Travel Trends... as They Apply to Golf Trippers

Check-in with golf clubs                          © GolfGirlMedia
A couple of days ago, Business Insider published a list of Top 10 Luxury Travel Trends & Predictions for 2013.

Presented by luxury marketing veteran Christopher Parr, the list was put together by hotel booking team Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  I looked at the list from a golf traveler's point of view, and here I offer you my somewhat more golf-specific rendering of the suggested trends:

1. Local golf experiences through social media meandering
The first trend on the list is probably my favorite.  It's about playing golf in on lesser known courses in and around the more classic travel destinations...and doing it through contact with in-the-know locals you meet online, via Social Media.

In addition to well known social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which bring golfers together through groups, hashtags and circles, there are now numerous social networks specifically targeted at golfers. These sites allow recreational golfers to exchange ideas on equipment, and interact over tournaments. At their best they actually allow golfers from opposite ends of the globe to get together for a round on a real golf course.  I participated in this trend first hand last September when I welcomed a long-time social media golf buddy from Spain to my home course, Richter Park in Danbury, CT.  It's is a beautiful course he'd certainly never have played otherwise. The fact is, without social media our global golf get-together would never have taken place... but it did, and I'm definitely hoping for more in 2013.

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