Reading Faces

"Hey, did I just score political points, or what?"

"This is a very serious situation, that demands serious people addressing it."

The photos, which I got from here, were taken at the respective news conferences today, about events in Libya and Egypt. See links at the end of the previous post to understand the mendacity and ineptitude of The Rominee's. As others have said, his press conference amounted to announcing "I'm not ready to be president." I'd add "and, being the craven panderer that I am, who'll say and do anything to get elected but has no clue what to do if it happens, I never will be."

Readers surely know what an amiable person I am: level-headed, willing to give credit where it's due. Trusting. Benefit-of-the-doubt sort of guy. So it's in that spirit that I suggest, as calmly as possible, that Mitt Romney is the most disgusting candidate for president ever brought forth by a major political party. And that includes the nasty and paranoid Richard Nixon and the pleasantly misguided and amusingly confused Ronald Reagan. Other than the bottom line, Mitt Romney has no bottom line: no level to which he wouldn't descend to get a vote, no opinion he wouldn't change, no statement he wouldn't make when told to by those paying for his candidacy. Having no standards of his own, he has no basis for even judging the statements he's told to make.

The idea of Mitt Romney, a man with no evidence of humanity or core beliefs, being president (oh, he's helped old ladies across the street and, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, didn't take a salary as governor and donated his Olympic pay to his church -- and, therefore, believes Jesus is on his way to Missouri), with self-interested billionaires pulling his strings and teabaggers giving him his political directions, having shown no strength of his own convictions, no basis for making judgments other than whether he thinks it'll do him personal good, is starting to make me physically ill. No hyperbole. It makes me sick to think about it.

I wonder what Paul Ryan thinks, in the center of his numerically-challenged mind, about the guy to whose star he's become hitched. Having been told to have no thoughts of his own, to agree with Mitt whatever he says. Talk about being made to feel sick! For him it's too late. The rest of us still have the chance to vote "no."

[Here's what an ambassador who's served Ds and Rs thinks. Sarah Palin, of course, thinks Romney spoke words of wisdom. On the other hand, if she didn't I'd wonder if I had this wrong.]

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