Call The Ambulance... For Me!!

Of all the outrageous things Republicans say about health care -- and who can really count them or place them in some sort of order? -- the worst is their contention that everyone has care in this country, because they can go to the ER. Mitt Romney, like Dr Frankenstein reanimating his patchwork corpse, brought it up again on "60 Minutes." What a simpering, dishonest, self-contradicting asshole. How do you choose between screaming and stabbing yourself? Rising up in rage, or tearing your eyes out? The man has no conscience, no shame. He'll say any damn thing he wants, even though he's acknowledged it himself: ERs are the most expensive and least efficient way to provide non-emergency care. And waiting until you actually have an emergency is the worst way to handle your health care needs.

He knows it. It's among the main reasons -- it's the only reason, in fact -- he worked to institute Rommeycare. So he's a bi-orificed asshole; he's a cloaca. He knows he's lying, and he's negating that thing on which he originally based his entire political career. He's repeating a soulless and demonstrably false talking point to show his bona fides, to pander, to Foxified teabaggers. Okay, maybe that's tri-orificed. Could be a first. Probably comes from keeping his head up there for so long.

Shall we go, step by step, through the reasons emergency care is in no way a substitute for proper access to regular care? Shall we recount, once again, the ways in which it's both inefficient and hugely expensive? The ways in which relegating millions of Americans to emergency rooms costs the rest of Americans more than if the relegees had actual coverage? Shall I elaborate on my years of working in and around emergency rooms, pushing gurneys with really emergent patients in them, past people packing the halls waiting hours to see someone about a belly ache? People showing signs of having not been to a doctor in years, if ever?

No. Let's not. It's as obvious to you and me as we know it is to Mitt, who has to be the most amoral man ever to seek the presidency. And, yes, I remember Richard Nixon.

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