Moving On

I'd guess that up to now, even most Christians have considered the Dalai Lama a good guy. Sort of sweet-looking, a little shy, humble, nice smile, hearty laugh, and a benign view of the world. Needs a fashion consultant, but they'd have him over for dinner. Up to now. Turns out he's thinking it's time to move on beyond religion. Talk about enlightenment:

You go, Mister Lama. If you find the answer, one that all people will accept, what a fine and hopeful world it'd be; and considerably less bloody.

Actually, I'd say the answer is already here; but it's both too simple and too difficult for people to grasp. And it comes from a decidedly unenlightened ex-surgeon tapping away on his laptop with his feet up on his desk: empathy and curiosity.

Empathy. And curiosity.

That's all there is to it, all there needs to be for people to get along, to survive and make progress in the world; and yet both seem entirely absent, today, from a major political party in the exceptional US of A. Which, given what that party calls upon instead, and the results thereof, pretty much proves His Holiness' point.

[Wrote this before my pledge to source my title pics, and now I can't find it again.]

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