Good God

Fox "news" and the rest of the RWS™ like to count the number of times God was mentioned at the two recent conventions. Guess who wins?

Which means, what, exactly?

I find it really interesting that the party of god is the one that flatly rejects Jesus' admonitions to care for the sick, feed the hungry, help those in need. And the party they claim is godless is the one which not only acknowledges those ideals, but acts on them; maintains them as the most central tenets of its existence. The more they do the opposite of what Christianity preaches, the more Republicans wrap themselves in god. It's almost as if, as they vacate all concern for those in need, they figure if they said goddy stuff enough, their voters won't notice. We're for god and so are you, they say. That's all you need to know. So vote for us and shut up.

Isn't that an insult both to god and their intended voters? Do they figure neither will notice what's going on?

The frequency with which today's Republicans mention god is inversely related to the number of ways, over time, that they ignore his teachings.

Funny thing, ain't it?

[Added: Surprise, surprise: Mitt Romney chimes in like the pandering, bereft, colloquial-name-for-the-male-generative-organ he is. Words fail.] (Okay, well, "asshole" does come to mind.)

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