News Flash: Girls Who Play Golf Are More Desirable Than Those Who Don't

Sorry golfer guys, seems girls go for football
We've long suspected as much, but thanks to Coffee Meets Bagel, a new data-driven dating site, we've got proof... and the provenance of this proof is the upstart matchmaker's own awesome analytics.

You see, Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB for short) has a unique approach to the online dating process, and it's an approach that has allowed the company to compile a relative wealth of meaningful data, very quickly.

The CMB site is modern and minimalistic, reflective of the 20-something-ish age demographic they appear to be targeting. The basic process is explained via this simple video from the company's website.  A "one match a day" formula, based on social networking profiles, differentiates CMB from other such sites and gives it a lighthearted, daily deal type vibe ...especially since you then have only 24 hours to like or pass on each match.  

It sounds kind of exciting, doesn't it? That and the fact that its men like women who golf make me think that if I were a bit younger... and a bit less married... I'd be signing up right here.

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