Kickstarter Campaign for Eco-friendly Golf Apparel Brand Tomi Otee

I think it's safe to say that most of us are supporters of sustainability... at least, in principle.

Ideally, we'd choose to buy from companies who produce eco-friendly products, ensure fair labor practices and monitor the size of their carbon footprint.  Particularly when those companies offer stylish, high quality goods.

However, in today's environment of ongoing economic insecurity, consumers are also increasingly price-driven, and when it comes time to make a purchase, sustainability will often take backseat to low prices. As a result manufacturers are motivated... some would say obliged... to cut costs wherever possible.

In attempting to meet the demands of a competitive marketplace... and satisfy their shareholders... many companies adopt a strategy of sourcing the lowest cost materials and labor... wherever such can be found... with little regard for long-term impact and sustainability.  Sportswear brands large and small have found it a huge challenge to meet their investors' financial goals/growth expectations while simultaneously improving the environment and society ...and that's why I'm proud to be a backer of golf apparel brand Tomi Otee through their recently launched Kickstarter campaign.

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