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I’m a bit “Nagel-ed out” at the moment, but before long I’ll be writing up at least one or two more installments in my series of posts on Nagel’s Mind and Cosmosand its critics.  In the meantime, The New York Times has covered the controversy over the book, H. Allen Orr has reviewed the book in The New York Review of Books, and Mohan Matthen has reviewed it in The Philosopher’s Magazine.  In the blogosphere, we have commentary from Keith Burgess-Jackson and from Wes Alwan at The Partially Examined Life.  I’ll comment on some of this myself soon.

David Theroux reports that Alvin Plantinga has won the Rescher Prize.  Over at New APPS, Eric Schliesser has an interesting piece on the sensus divinitatis in Plantinga and Dutch Spinozism.

Andrew Sullivan and Christopher Hitchens, the lost conversation: read it here, here, and here.  Daniel Dennett interviewed.

If you don’t know about the Fordham University Press series Medieval Philosophy: Texts and Studies, edited by Gyula Klima, you should.  Find out more about it here.

A friend calls my attention to The Catholic Archive, a repository of rare or out-of-print books, dissertations, articles, and essays covering a wide variety of subjects in Catholic theology and philosophy.  Take a look.
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