On one level, Marco Rubio, savior-in-waiting for the R party, was shockingly banal (and parched) in his official response to Obama's State of The Union speech. On another, which is to say based on what today's Rs have to offer, it was entirely unsurprising. Those expecting him to rise up and show the world the best face of that party couldn't have been disappointed, I guess, because it has only one face, no matter who wears the smile. Government is the problem he said. We can't change the weather, he fogged. The deficit is Obama's fault, he Romneyed. More taxes will only make things worse, he Ryaned. 

It's pretty amazing. They have nothing new, and just don't care. Yet their old comes in pre-failed wrapping. 

They have dredged up another old wrinkle, though; Joe McCarthy, like Ronald Reagan and his manifold failures, is alive and well again among the teabaggRs. Their latest electee, a shameless and factless raging lunatic, replayed the technique as if reading it from a book: we don't know if Chuck Hagel is a terrorist sympathizer, because we don't have anything to suggest it. Having nothing to suggest it, we just don't know. Therefore, we can only surmise.

Yep, he went there. Innuendo and accusation ex nihilo. Is there proof, I wonder, that Senator Cruz (my god, he's a senator??) isn't a child abuser and meth-cooker? I mean we have no evidence one way or the other, so, who can say? 

How much more horrible do these people have to get before even teabaggers have had enough? Answer: there's no line the crossing of which would be a deal-breaker for them. None. How despicable. How pathetic. How indescribably dangerous. Deal-breaker? Who am I kidding? They eat that stuff up they were at a Donner party.

But Happy Fucking Valentine's Day. At this rate we may not have many left, so have some chocolate and wash it down with Dom.

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