With readers at the ACPA in L.A.

On Friday I attended the first day of the American Catholic Philosophical Association meeting here in Los Angeles, and had the pleasure of meeting longtime readers Eric Mendoza, Alfredo Watkins, and Alex Yousif.  That’s me with Eric, Alfredo, and Alex, respectively, in the first two photos.  (By the way, you can find Eric’s blog here and Alfredo’s here.  Go check ‘em out.)  

So, small world.  How small?  I’d find out that evening when a few of us professors went to the Chart House in Marina del Rey for dinner.
As the conversation got philosophical, our waiter raised a curious eyebrow and it soon came out that he’d been a philosophy major and retained a keen interest in matters philosophical and theological.  One of my more playful fellow diners pointed to me and to my mild embarrassment told the waiter “Hey, this is the famous Ed Feser, he’s got a blog!”  Without missing a beat, the waiter -- whose name is Gordon Savage (that’s him with me in the third photo above) -- replied “Oh, I read that blog.  I didn’t recognize you from your photo.”  At first we thought this must be a gag, but then Gordon casually related without prompting that he’d been trying to get a friend to read The Last Superstition

So, of all the waiters in all the restaurants in all the cities in which the ACPA could have met, we got the one who actually reads this blog.  What are the odds?  I felt like Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.  The consensus around the table was that we had a new proof of God’s existence on our hands.

Anyway, if ever you find yourself at the Chart House, leave Gordon a big tip.  And do try the lemon salmon!
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