Another Reason to Take Up Golf: Both Sexes Find Golfers Attractive

Attractive Golfers?                 photo credit: sezidesign via photopin cc
As any golf evangelist will tell you, there are myriad reasons to take up the sport: the social aspect, the outdoors-in-nature aspect and the fact that golf is a game one can play for a lifetime, are three that come up frequently. And there are tons of others - a google search brings up more lists of "reasons to play golf" than you can swing a seven iron at.

However, there's one incentive that didn't appear on any of the lists I looked at, and I'm guessing it's one that might be particularly attractive to that prized 18-25 year-old demographic: new evidence has emerged that indicates both males and females find golfers "attractive".

Okay, it's probably not something the scientific community would agree on... these findings are actually rather anecdotal in nature... in fact, they're based on a Twitter hashtag.

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