Pretty Girl Syndrome and the Effect it Can Have on a Golf Swing

Beware of the Pretty Girl Golf Swing                 photo ©GolfGirlMedia
If you're in any way attuned to pop culture... or contemporary psychology... you've probably heard of "Pretty Girl Syndrome". It's also quite likely you know at least one or two ladies afflicted with the troubling condition.

The personality traits found in those with PGS are a result of the excessive attention, advice, assistance and unsolicited adoration attractive women receive on a daily basis.

Of course the syndrome doesn't affect every attractive woman, and those who are affected display a myriad of sometimes contradictory behaviors; arrogance, insecurity, a sense of entitlement, lack of empathy and helplessness are just a few.  Women with PGS often complain about being beautiful, claiming that it makes them a perpetual target of jealousy from those less attractive. Their complaints generally garner very little sympathy as numerous studies have proven that attractive people do, in fact, have a quantifiable advantage when it comes to employment and salary. They also receive a disproportionate amount of praise for everyday accomplishments and (women, in particular) tend to get all manner of things for free.

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