There are a couple of interesting things about the above videos: one is that Johnny Carson did a more serious and in-depth interview of a controversial person than anyone we see now on television. (Maybe Rachel Maddow. Possibly Jon Stewart. Can you imagine anyone on Fox "news" letting someone they disagree with have their say like Carson did?). He knew the subject, he asked probing questions, and he let her answer at length, without interruption.

The other is that it's hard to understand how Ayn Rand could have become the hero of so many self-described family-values teabaggers. Until people explained to him what she was really about (the so-called intellectual heavyweight of the R party evidently has trouble reading for comprehension), Paul Ryan had acknowledged lapping her up like mother's milk. Good luck, in an election year, unlapping the uplapping. I guess it's just another example of teabaggers thinking they know and understand things that they, in fact, neither know nor understand at all.

I do feel bad for Buster Crabbe, though.

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