Creating A Row

For the past year or so, my wife, Judy, has been getting up at wee hours to go sculling on the Snohomish river with a bunch of "girls" called The Morning Glories (which also includes a guy or two. Maybe I should be worried.) Sundays the rowing is in the mid-afternoon, so I'd gotten into the habit of picking up a pizza to be ready when she gets home. Having not had commercial pizza in years, I stumbled upon Papa John's. Order online, you get points. Got a free one, while back.

As pizza goes, it's fairly cheap and not obnoxiously bad. I hadn't paid attention to the fact that Mr Papa is a big Romney supporter, and had I known I wouldn't have cared. Until now. He's just announced that because of that horrible idea of providing health care to more Americans known as Obamacare, he'll have to add eleven to fourteen pennies per pizza. Horrifying.

I haven't heard a lot of reaction yet, but mine was that it was a piss-poor way of trying to scare people into voting for The Rominee. Eleven cents? To provide health care for his minimum-wage employees?? As prices go, it seems pretty much a steal. Especially since The Papa's profits have been about 50% higher than a year ago, while that black guy sits in that white house, crushing capitalism and eating hummus on pita.

Americans have gotten used to the Reaganobushian idea, have come to expect, that everything this country needs can be had for free. America fuck yeah don't cost a damn dime. Or a dime and a penny. So, to Papa John and his paid-for boy Mitt, and, they assume, to the American people, the fact that providing a level of health care coverage that's still fairly poor by Western standards will raise the cost of a pizza (I'm sure he's not lying, aren't you?) is a sure winner, electorally. The three-cheese add-on of political pie.

Turns out Judy isn't rowing anymore on Sunday afternoons, so we haven't gotten pizza for a couple of weeks. There are three other pizza joints within two blocks of Papa Johns...

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