How Much More Obvious Can It Get?

So, after this situation, I wondered how teabaggers would react. I guess now we know (as if we didn't already):
Apparently wanting to steer clear of fancy highbrow academic stuff like research or informed assessments, North Carolina has banned using recent science to guide policy making. House Bill 819, which passed today after the governor let the deadline to stop it slip, restricts all sea-level predictions used for policy-making to be based on "historical data," effectively sending science back to 1900.

It's no joke: under guidance of the crazy wing of the R party, this is where we're headed. In Texas, it's (no exaggeration) coming out against education that causes people to think. In N.C., it's science. In Missouri, it's theocracy sneaking in under claims of religious persecution.

In Congress, it's ignoring history and simple arithmetic when it comes to proposing budgets.

I don't care how much you hate the idea of that black guy in that white house, or how offended you are by same sex couples who love each other, or how many hallucinatory conspiracies have been implanted in your Foxified mind. To hand power to these people is to kiss the country goodbye; of that there can no longer be an atom of doubt. They don't even try to hide it. Worried about terrorism? This is the sort of stuff can actually destroy our country. From within. By unrepentant idiots.

If Obama hasn't fully lived up to everyone's hopes, at least he's been trying, based on reality. The other guys? Their proud ignorance (and undisguised attempts to sabotage the economy as political ploy) ought to embarrass anyone. You simply can't have a desire for a future of America and cast a vote for any of them. And it seems the few commenters here who've occasionally attempted to rationalize it have given up trying. Who can blame them?

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