TOMI OTEE - Style Meets Sustainability in a Very Distinctive Golf Shirt

Polo style golf shirts, it's fair to say, have become ubiquitous.

They're worn by men, women and children in the cities and suburbs of just about every country on earth.   They come in a plethora of colors and prints, and these days they're likely to be made in some sort of lightweight, moisture-wicking performance fabric.

I own several dozen golf shirts, most of which I rarely, if ever, wear. Then there are the few I put on all the time. These are the ones in the colors I love...  that fit just right.  They're the rare gems, and at this point my small, coveted collection is somewhat worse-for-the-wear.

Several weeks ago however, I came upon a couple of golf shirts that have categorically... and very quickly... become my favorites.

The company that makes these stellar shirts is TOMI OTEE, an enterprise with a vision that goes well beyond the attractive, innovative shirts they've created. I met the founder of TOMI OTEE, Thomas Ferré earlier this year in New York City where he'd recently been selected to receive the prestigious French-American Entrepreneurship Award.

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