What Women See in Golf & How They Dominate the Category on Pinterest

Golf boards on Pinterest
Spend the day at just about any public course in the US and it's easy to see the unbalance. While men-only clubs are nearing extinction and the golf industry is increasing its efforts to attract women, golf remains a male-dominated sport.

Golf is an activity... like day trading, or running for public office... where cultural conditioning,  sexual stereotyping and... some would say... an evolutionary predisposition, have kept women underrepresented.  Quite the opposite however, is true for the newly popular activity known as pinning.  

Pinning is what people do on Pinterest, and Pinterest, for those few who don't know, is a highly visual social sharing site, that's quickly become one of the top social networks.  In fact, it's now just behind Facebook and Twitter in popularity.

The demographics of this new network are the exact opposite of those that prevail in golf, in other words, the majority (about 80%) of pinners are female.  And here's the interesting thing; though there are Pinterest categories dominated by men... Cars/Motorcycles, Technology and Guns, among others... golf isn't one of them.  Most of the Pinterest golf boards have been created by women.  They feature a lot of golf fashion, a plethora of sweet golf confections and myriad glimpses of the golf lifestyle.  Golfers, golf fans... even those who've had little exposure to the game... are likely find these boards engaging.

The golf boards created by men tend to deal more directly with the competitive side of the game. Equipment is huge on men's golf boards, as are golf training articles, but men also focus on golf course architecture and their golf boards often feature stellar golf course photography.

The differences in the way men and women use Pinterest are interesting no matter what the subject, and golf is no exception.
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