Your Congress At Work

[From Bloomberg Business. Click to enlarge.]

When I mentioned something about this recently, a commenter pointed out Ds control the Senate. Well, yeah. But it's Rs in the House that are the problem. Voting thirty one times to repeal Obamacare. Passing gratuitous stuff for political purposes that they know will be rejected by the Senate. And the Senatorial Rs have filibustered virtually every piece of actual legislation proposed by Ds, taking obstructionism to hitherto unseen levels, making sure Obama gets nothing, and the economy continues to struggle.

Other than their commitment to sabotage, these are seriously unserious people, wholly disinterested in governance or in meaningful attention to our serious problems.

And, fully prepared to turn governing over to these people, no one on the right seems to care.

[Breaking news!!! I may have been too hard on them. The House just passed a resolution condemning the shooting in Colorado, and did so "in the strongest possible terms." Ignoring questions about gun control, the legislation included no actual action. But still: What bravery. What out-neck-sticking leadership in the face of ... nothing. Nice going guys. You inspire our nation.]

[Meanwhile, it'll be interesting to see what the House does about the Bush tax cuts, the Senate having passed, with no R support, a bill to extent the cuts only for those making less than the magical $250K. Rs, as we've just read here, prefer to do just the opposite: raise taxes on those below, and lower them for those above.]

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