Get It?*

Eugene, down there in San Diego, has a point.

In throwing in the towel, I'm doing exactly what The Rominee, with his constant and pathological lying, the RWS™, and the pigpen of prevaricators in the propaganda palace preposterously pegged as Fox "news" are hoping will happen: People with truth on their side will simply collapse under the weight of pervasive prevarication. Repeating a lie often enough, seeing it go essentially unrefuted because at some point normal people will tire of hearing themselves say the same thing over and over, eventually makes it, effectively, true. For teabagger purposes, anyway.

Thus, The Rominee keeps saying stuff that's patently false, that has been unequivocally shown to be false. He doesn't care. It's his business plan. And he assumes, correctly, that his audience is too endumbed or too anxious to validate their prejudices to notice or care. And, depressingly accurate, that the non-Fox media will either give up or continue with their false-equivalency pussy-footing. Or both.

When I find it too much to bear, when it makes me feel hopeless and defeated, it validates everything they do. So I should take one for the team and let my gastric mucosa erode away like the beaches of the Maldives, right? Probably. Except for the fact, notwithstanding the nice comments I received recently, that my audience is too small -- and already smart enough that I'm not telling them anything they don't know or think -- to make any real difference.

Still, even if it's only me and a handful of others, I shouldn't let the liars win, at least with me. With the rest of the public? What will be will be, I guess. I think it'll depend on whether Obama and the rest of the Ds can package the truth in a small enough pill, and get it swallowed despite the mouthful of crap they've already been fed.

So, likely at a somewhat reduced rate, I'm back in. Thanks, everybody.
*It's a sandy Eggo.

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