Contemporary Scholasticism

Ontos Verlag, the international publisher in philosophy and mathematical logic, is pleased to present the new book series:


Edward Feser • Edmund Runggaldier


Brian Davies, Fordham University, U.S.A.
Christian Kanzian, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Gyula Klima, Fordham University, U.S.A.
David S. Oderberg, University of Reading, U.K.
Eleonore Stump, Saint Louis University, U.S.A.

Contemporary Scholasticism is a new book series providing a forum for the growing community of philosophers who are interested in applying insights drawn from the Aristotelian and Scholastic traditions to current philosophical debates.

The first volume of this new series, Metaphysics: Aristotelian, Scholastic, Analytic, has now been published.  Edited by Lukáš Novák, Daniel D. Novotný, Prokop Sousedík, and David Svoboda, the volume is the fruit of the conference of the same nameheld in Prague in 2010, and contains many of the papers there presented.
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