Best book titles ever

Well, the best of those I see around me on the bookshelves in my study, anyway.  And by “best” I don’t mean “most profound” or “most helpful in conveying the book’s contents.”  I mean “funniest.”  But I don’t mean funniest among the titles of books that are themselves intended to be funny.  I mean funniest among the titles of “serious” books.  The list is surprisingly short.  Serious writers, it seems, just don’t give funny names to serious books.  Go figure.

The first three aren’t really all that funny, but they’re clever enough -- for philosophy books, anyway:

More amusing, in my view, are:

If sheer bizarreness counts for something (and I think it does) then we cannot overlook:

And if mild vulgarity can be excused (and I think it can be) then we mustn’t forget Harlan Ellison.  The title of his book of essays on television criticism, The Glass Teat (which I have here on the shelf) isn’t all that funny.  But the title of the follow-up volume (which, alas, I don’t have) is funny: The Other Glass Teat.  (Now you know why they call it the boob tube.)

While we’re on the subject of science-fiction, let’s not forget:

But for first place in the Best Book Title Ever competition, we’ve got a tie.  Because together they say it all:

Leszek Kolakowski, My Correct Views on Everything [Bonus comedy points for this one given that in the picture on the cover, Kolakowksi appears -- inadvertently, I assume -- to be flipping us the bird.]

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