While you’re web surfing…

Tuomas Tahko reviews Lee Smolin’s The Trouble With Physics.

There’s high culture and then there’s pop culture, and every conservative knows which is better, right? Not so fast. Brandon Watson of Siris fame offers us some useful reminders here and here.

At Prosblogion, Trent Dougherty hails the revival of Aristotelian philosophy.

Cardinal Ratzinger on the Mass after Vatican II: A reminder from Ite ad Thomam.

Austin Ruse at The Catholic Thing wonders whether Christopher Hitchens will convert. I won’t hold my breath. (HT: Bill Vallicella)

Some sexy talk from James Chastek over at Just Thomism.

(Now, who do you think will get the most hits from this post? No need to thank me, James…)
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