I’m hip!

I’m in Exam Grading Hell just now and don’t yet have time to write up a proper post, though I’ve taken a break now and again to contribute to the fireworks over my latest ID post over at W4. A reader in the combox below remarks: “Prof. Feser, I used to think that you were anti-ID because of wanting to be in with the sophisticated Darwinians.” Well, you know me, always the trend follower; The Last Superstition is a veritable Hipster’s Bible. In fact, my personal anthem is the Dave Frishberg/Bob Dorough classic “I’m Hip,” as sung by Blossom Dearie (pictured at left, looking perhaps obliquely hip), which you can hear for yourself courtesy of YouTube. So groove along with your swingin’ pal Ed, as I begin reading the next (74th) exam on the pile.

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