McInerny on De Koninck

Pietas and gratitude. On this fine Thanksgiving Day, you could do worse than spend a few moments reading what the esteemed Ralph McInerny recently had to say about his teacher Charles De Koninck, one of the leading lights of Laval Thomism. McInerny has been editing a new edition of De Koninck’s works, the second volume of which has just appeared. You can and should order them here and here.

(Addendum: I notice that for some reason, Amazon’s page on volume 1 of De Koninck’s collected writings contains reviews, not of De Koninck’s book, but of Ralph McInerny’s autobiography. The “Look Inside” feature also gives you a look at McInerny’s book rather than at De Koninck. Bizarre. Anyway, go ahead and order McInerny’s autobiography too, because it is a great read. More information about the De Koninck volumes can be found here and here.)
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