G. A. Cohen (1941-2009)

Marxist philosopher G. A. Cohen, about whose work I said some nice things recently, has died. Libertarian David Gordon says some nice things about him here. Another libertarian, Jan Narveson, says some nice things about him in the Crooked Timber combox. On the other hand, libertarian Tom Palmer takes a very different view of Cohen here.

After reading Palmer’s comments, you might ponder Chris Bertram’s admiring remark at Crooked Timber that Cohen “was quite brilliant at striking the right balance between the discipline of following the argument where it leads and the importance of hanging onto one’s deepest convictions.” (Just a thought: Can you imagine anyone at Crooked Timber praising a religious thinker who balanced “following an argument where it leads” with “hanging on to his deepest convictions”? Me neither.)

UPDATE: Check out the comboxes to the Gordon and Palmer posts linked to above for some vigorous debate over how libertarians ought to regard Cohen.
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