Summer reading

Several substantive new posts are in the works, but I’m momentarily preoccupied meeting some looming deadlines. In the meantime, here are some philosophical posts worth checking out: Michael Liccione, my new What’s Wrong with the World co-blogger, on ID theory. Lee Faber on MacIntyre on Scotus. Incompatible novel takes on Hume on causation from Bill Vallicella and James Chastek. (James is responding to my recent post on Hume. I plan to reply to him as soon as I get a chance.)

UPDATE 7/8: Some useful reading recommendations from Lydia McGrew vis-à-vis the historical reliability of the New Testament. The books are mostly older ones, and in theology and philosophy, older usually means better. (In that connection, I plan soon to post a series of Neo-Scholastic reading recommendations, in belated response to a reader’s request made some time back. Stay tuned.)
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